Select one of the master classes to increase your leadership experience in a small setting of a maximum of 25 attendees. These sessions are being held in parallel on Friday 11/3/2017 from 9am-12.30pm


Richard Sheridan

Agile, Lean and the Business Value of Joy

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"The Five Variables of the Leadership Equation for Lasting Change" 

We've all heard the mantra ... our customers are leaving, our market is changing, our competition is outrunning us, so we need to go faster, be more innovative, in short ... "we need significant change in our organization." The next thing we hear is that "we need to be more agile" or "we need to be more lean." These leadership statements often devolve to "we just need to try harder." These 3 to 6 month change cycles flame out, there is a reversion to the old way of doing things, frustration mounts and the next change cycle begins. Three failed cycles like this and deep cynicism sets in and the teams ignore any follow on attempt with a shrug of "here we go again."

Yet, some teams succeed in making significant change. And it isn't just startups. Some large existing organizations in some of the world's largest companies end up in a brand new, exciting place that they never dreamed possible. What's the difference?

In a word ... Leadership. (Not management.)

And it's not something ethereal like charisma or power of personality. There are some very fundamental building blocks that can make for both lasting AND significant change.

In this Master Class, Rich Sheridan, co-founder, CEO and Chief Storyteller of Menlo Innovations will discuss five key variables for leaders to create lasting change. Rich will outline his personal history of escaping the chaos and bureaucracy that was not only crushing his spirit but that of the teams he led. He knew he had to become a different kind of leader.

Rich will explore the beliefs, the actions and the habits that are supported by the underlying values that are driven by the vision to create joy in the world with the work of our hearts, our hands and our minds. It will touch on the compelling content of his first book, Joy, Inc. - How We Built a Workplace People Love with a focus on the leadership lessons of his upcoming second book.

If you want to create your own version of joy you don't need different people ... what you need is a different organization. In the session, Rich will give you to insights to begin your own journey to joy that has influenced organizations as large as GE, Fannie Mae, MassMutual, American Family, Mercedes Benz and many others. These lessons come from the very practical and real experience of creating and leading Menlo Innovations, a software design and development team in Ann Arbor, Michigan that is at the vanguard of culture change using the fundamental principles of agile, lean, Deming, VitalSmarts (Influencer), and Arbinger (Leadership and Self-Deception, Anatomy of Peace, and Outward Mindset).

Come take a peek inside the company that Inc. magazine called "the most joyful company in America" and learn from the author that In Search of Excellence author Tom Peters wrote:

"Joy, Inc. is a marvelous title, sure. But this masterpiece delivers and delivers and delivers. I beg you to keep taking deep breaths and imagining the world that Richard Sheridan reveals. Then ... give it the best shot you can. I do truly beg you."

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Achim Nowak

Expanding Your Influence

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What makes one business leader more impactful than another? Given the same level of expertise, it is always the ability to build personal influence. Achim Nowak is a TEDx Speaker, Author of three books in the personal excellence field, and an International Authority on Personal Presence and Connection. His firm helps Fortune 500 Executives and Entrepreneurs around the world to be more influential.

In this practice-driven Masterclass, you will learn concrete approaches for:

·      Articulating a clear Point-of-View

·      Strategically Framing Conversations

·      Deepening your Ally Relationships

·      Initiating the Difficult Conversation

·      Engaging Well with Powerful People


Joe Krebs

Leading Agile Project Portfolios

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Back in 2008, Jochen (Joe) Krebs pioneered Agile Portfolio Management by releasing the first book in the industry. 

A lot has happened in the agile community since then and the body of knowledge has grown significantly. For example, frameworks for scaling very large programs have emerged or Kanban systems were successfully implemented in small teams. Scrum itself has been updated numerous times as well. But regardless of the agile process that teams are using, leaders need to know how agile projects are selected, staffed, directed, started and stopped.

Still today, many basic portfolio mistakes are made, that cause massive organizational overheads, delay in projects delivery or poor software quality. These alone could cost large IT organizations millions of dollars.  

Joe will share techniques that will clean-up bad habits in portfolio management and align the portfolio with value, quality and culture. In addition we will focus on advanced techniques including aligning portfolios with Minimum-Viable Product (MVP), release planning and product innovation. 

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8 Different Speakers from IPC

Agile Transformation Event

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Independent Purchasing Cooperative (IPC) has been working with hundreds of companies to help share our Agile transformation experience for several years now. Through this program, we have seen amazing opportunities for companies to learn and grow together. Those that have already participated, have experienced the value of learning from others in the Agile community and listening to different perspectives. 

In this workshop, we will be sharing our secrets and lessons learned thorough our Agile transformation and recently through our Agile organizational alignment. 

Learning Objectives:

A half a day Master Class/workshop at Independent Purchasing Cooperative (IPC), guides you through our agile journey from different leadership perspectives: CIO, Agile Coach, Business Owner, Product Owner.  All presenters are practitioners and do this on a full time basis. You also get to participate in several non-filtered Agile ceremonies.

This is a one-time opportunity to open up this workshop to the South Florida community. This event will be hosted by IPC at IPC for C-level Executives, Directors and enterprise change agents. Through this program, we have seen amazing opportunities for participating companies to learn and grow together.

We do not presume to have all the answers, but if any of our lessons learned can be of value to your organization, then we consider it a win. We encourage feedback from attendees to help identify opportunities for further growth among all participants. 

Examples of some of the Frameworks, Processes, ceremonies and tools we have used in the past 6 years.
Scrum, Kanban, XP, Scrumban, SAFe, Dev/Ops, CI, CD, BDD, TDD, Virtualization, Atlassian tools, Leankit, Testing Automation, Clean Code, Agile for Non IT projects, 360 evaluations, Information Radiators, Agile Environment, Agile Town Hall, team building, culture change, Innovation Day, Open Space